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The Dominican food is unique and delicious. At breakfast, visitors should try the popular “Mangú” (green plantains boiled and mashed) with eggs, fried cheese or salami, at lunch you can enjoy rice, red beans, meat and “tostones” (mashed and fried green plantains) . Other dishes to try for dinner are pig skin, the “locrio de pollo” (rice with chicken Dominican), the shrimp stew, the “mofongo” (mashed plantains with fish or meat), fish with coconut, crab and shellfish stew, roasted or stewed goat with boiled cassava and a “sancocho” (stew) accompanied by avocados. Of course, they also try the cassava bread and “queso de hoja”, a type of cheese yarn.
The delicious dessert Dominicans include grated coconut, sweet beans, sour milk dessert, sweets and oranges, desserts milk (papaya) and pineapple, and guava syrup sauce and cashews. The natural tropical fruit juices include passion fruit, guava, pineapple, oranges, strawberries, mango, mandarin and papaya juice with milk.
We should not forget to try the juice of sugar cane produced in several crops all over the country. Hundreds of crops and coconut groves in the country producing the famous Dominican coconut, which yields a juice, a pulp and milk a delicious and refreshing highly appreciated by those who try them.

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